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Claims are the way of protecting your land from attackers. They can also be seen from the map if they have any nodes attached. Claims stop external players from breaking or placing blocks in your claim to a degree.

Good Bases[edit]

You should base your anchor and node layout on a circular system from the middle in order to effeciently use the nodes. To see some good examples of this, see Cracked Bases

Symmetry & spacing is key when making a base
Remember to put a node above & below your anchor


Anchor - Place one to define a spherical protection radius. (Respawn Anchor, craft one with 6 crying obsidian and 3 glowstone blocks)

  • This is the 'core' of your claim. Keep it safe.
  • Anchors by themselves provide the lowest tier of protection. This is currently the equivalent to the gold ingot tier found on nodes
  • Protection gives blocks in a radius around your anchor/node health.
  • Put a node above your anchor on a high tier (Debris or Ingot) for a massive health boost.


This is currently what gets displayed when you right-click an anchor


Upkeep - Your anchor and any nodes you have connected to your anchor will require upkeep to work. Your anchor will take gold however you can change the type of upkeep your nodes take. If you don't put upkeep in your anchor, your base health will decay to 0, meaning that other people are free to do whatever they want in your area.

Anchor name[edit]

Using this button will allow you to set the name of the area it's linked to. Any changes done to the name can be seen by other people.


You should remember to set a code when placing down your anchor. This button will let you change the code to any 4 digit numerical series. In order to add a person to a claim, they will need this code.

Manage Players[edit]

This is a button were you or anyone with access to the anchor can control who has access. Be careful, as this is an easy way to accidentally kick people from the claim.

Anchor status[edit]

This is where you can check the overall health of you anchor. In this menu you can see how much upkeep you have for the items in your anchor, the activity %, and other factors.

Change anchor colour[edit]

This is a pretty simple button. It will allow you to change the claims color on the map, and changes the color of the name when holding tab.

Clear code[edit]

This button will remove any code currently set on the anchor.

Manage trusted anchors & security[edit]

This is where you can change your security type and add other anchors to your trusted list.


Node - Place one to strengthen, upgrade, and extend protection. (Lodestone Block, craft one with 8 chiseled stone and 1 netherite ingot)

  • Nodes require upkeep, this is managed at the anchor.
  • There are different tiers of protection.
  • Right click the node to set its tier of protection.
  • Nodes strengthen the center of your claim.
  • This is based on how far away/how many nodes are placed (further is usually better), as well as if any foreign nodes overlap yours.
  • Placing a node also grants you security (S:)

Node Tiers[edit]

Nodes are used to extend the range of the anchor and provide security. Nodes can be chosen what type of upkeep they use with the harder to obtain giving better the protection. Node upkeep is found in the Anchor upkeep.
The following tiers of protection (with the amount needed every 2 days) are:

Gold (cost per two days: 8)
Quartz (cost per two days: 48)
Netherite Scraps (cost per two days: 1)
Netherite ingot (cost per two days: 1)
Netherite block (cost per two days: 1)

Enchanted item = tier selected


Nest - Craft a beehive to obtain a Nest. Placing this will create an isolated access zone within a protected area. You can place a nest (e.g with the radius set to 32) in your existing protection zone, and get any player to right click the nest for access. He/she can now build anywhere within 32 blocks of the nest. Only anchor authorized players can edit the radius.

What Anchors & Nodes Provide[edit]


Security protects players that are in the node range. The closer to the anchor, the stronger the security. Security reduces the damage you take from mobs and players. 0.1-0.5 security reduces damage by 10-50% respectively and 0.6 security and above makes you immune to damage.

Block HP[edit]

Animal Protection[edit]