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The covert tag is a tag added to most valuable items, giving them specific limitations in their use. Items considered Covert are not allowed to be kept after one logs out, instead dropping on the ground. Covert items additionally cannot be placed in ender chests and shulker boxes. All interactions with covert items (placing in chest, dropping out of ones inventory, etc.) are logged in a channel in the Minto.Xyz discord, with their coordinates logged publicly. This forces players to create a base, giving an incentive to raid. Tools and armor that are covert get a special tag which gives them a stat boost. This boost ranges from speed to strength.

Elytras, Netherite Tools & Netherite Armor will have a unique ID


(if any new items are converted into covert please add them to the list)

List of Covert Items[edit]

A list of items that will ping on Live Map and #logs on the Discord Server

Item Has ID Can obtain
from content boxes
Elytra Yes No
Netherite Scrap No Yes
Ancient Debris No Yes
Netherite Ingot No Yes
Netherite Block No Yes
Netherite Tools Yes No
Netherite Armour Yes No
Enchanted Golden Apple No Yes
Dragon Heads No No
Shulker Shells No No
Shulker Boxes No No

Log Tracking[edit]

Map Tracking[edit]