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Map of season 1 as of 18/02/2022

Welcome to (18/02/2022) - a fresh minecraft server for kiwis and aussies.
This wiki is free for all members to edit. You can add builds, events, battles, cities, groups and locations... everything is acceptable - as long as it is a part of the server & the server's history. The IP address for the server is and runs on the 1.20 version (both bedrock/java are supported). The Discord server can be joined here. Content can also be found on our reddit here.

note: this server is meant serve as an experimental server for an upcoming larger project. dm slicklibro for queries on this. © 2022, All rights reserved.

Important Pages[edit]


Information about groups, people, or claims with a notable events and structures in them.

note: As of 2023, there isn't expected to be a season 3 of
Season 1 - The first season of minto, in which the original server mechanics were first learned and mastered.
Season 2 - The current & active season. Unlikely to be reset/archived for an extremely long time or forever.


Pieces of information that won't really affect how you play

Live Map - Live map of the server.
Reddit - Subreddit for the server (r/mintoxyz)
Plugins & Commands - Information around how plugins & commands work
Reward Box Loot - Every item available for the reward box


Minto mechanics explained in more depth


Server: slicklibro (SlickJava)
Devs: KBD2, Dragonfru, MicrosoftTM
Admins: Ryxze