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Custom plugins are maintained and updated by KBD2 and slicklibro

Known Plugins List[edit]

Note: Most of the design/plugins are custom made in-house by, however here are some community-discovered plugins.
Zenchantments Enchantment List NOTE: Certain enchantments are disabled
Dynmap Live Map
Coreprotect [admin use only]
PlayerHead [Small chance that mobs and players will drop a head]
GeyserMC [admin use only]
Brewery NOTE: Consuming alcohol has adverse side effects

Plugin Information[edit]

Minto is running a forked over version of the Zenchantments 1.15 build
Brewery - to learn how to brew click >>> How to brew
Zenchantments - The list of disabled enchantments can be found at Custom Enchantments
Zenchantments - playlist displaying what each enchantment does >>> Playlist of Enchantments or Video of Enchantments


List of commands that players can use
/suicide - Kills player
/w <name> <message> - Sends a private message to a player of your choice
/dynmap webregister - Used to link your account to dynmap
/prac - Used to access the minto pvp server
/practice - Used to access the minto pvp server