Reward Box Loot

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Reward boxes can be obtained by referring uploading content to platforms, or from winning battles in /prac.
The amount of boxes will vary depending on the effort or rank of the cause.


Content Box[edit]

You can receive Content Box(es) from making content about and posting into the #content channel in the Discord Server

  • 1x Netherite Block
  • 1x Netherite Ingot
  • 1x Node
  • 2x Netherite Scrap
  • 1x Enchanted Golden Apple
  • 1x Anchor
  • 6-16x Golden Apples
  • 4-8x Diamonds
  • 30 XP levels*

Reward Box[edit]

You can receive Reward Box(es) from winning /prac matches or reporting bugs to admins

  • 1x Inactive Totem
  • 1x Node
  • 1x Nest
  • 1x Anchor
  • 6-16 Golden Apples
  • 4-8x Diamonds
  • 30 XP levels*
  • 24-38x Obsidian


1x Mending Book

  • Upon receiving the 30 levels reward, you will receive 1395 XP points.