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This page is to explain the rules of this server. Rules that aren't mentioned here can be found in Unspoken Rules

Server Rules[edit]


No exploits or cheats. Can result in permanent ban.

Legacy Bases[edit]

Legacy bases are old bases from, and season 1. Located at the far northwest, northeast and south respectively. All thonk and bunker bases are marked with an anchor system with the "" or "bunker" prefix. Raiding/looting/griefing legacy bases will result in a ban. Using farms in legacy bases will also result in a ban. You can visit and take screenshots if u want to.

Chatting in the server[edit]

No extreme toxicity in chat this includes racial slurs and harrasment/bullying of the extreme. You can report incidents of abuse to the admins.


Use common sense.

Don't go off topic in the discord channels, stick to what they are made for.

Breaking rules can result in mutes, bans, and even a permanent ban.