Season 1

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Map of season 1 as of 18/02/2022

Important Pages[edit]


Live Map - Live map of the server.
Markets - Places to get stuff.
Events - A list of noteworthy events


The Capital Region - Centred on 0/0 this is a centralised trading hub under the supervision of the The Spawn Coalition.
Elysian Bay - A region to the West of spawn habited by welcoming and friendly players.
The Great Mushroom Sea - The greater region that houses both The Capital Region and Elysian Bay.


The Primordial War - A finished conflict between Fire Nation + Paradox (FN x PD) and B Kissers + Chocking Hazard (Kissing Alliance). A decisive Kissing Alliance victory.
Isolated Conflicts - Conflicts that are isolated in nature, usually resolved via a call to The United Nations of Minto.
Slick Java


Alliances are comprised of nations.


Nations are groups that have placed an anchor and at least one node. (this list is sorted by the number of nodes placed).

Agartha - 8
Slicks Manhattan Project - 4
Kingdom of Niflheim

Disbanded or destroyed Nations:

The Great Zero Province
Shroom Confederation
The Oasis
Atlantis Bois
Al Achraf Hakimi
Villager City
The Singularity Dynasty
Cloud Town
Slick is hot
Booty Bay
Kingdom of Nilfgaard
The Order of The Pumpkin
Fire Nation (annexed) - See Attack on Fire Nation.
Crakhouse (annexed) - See Inside attack on Nilfgaard.
Paradox (disbanded) - some members fled as a result of The Primordial War.
Chocking Hazard
B Kissers - see The End of an Era.


Usually international, differing from nations as memberships are not necessarily exclusive to one group/nation.

The United Nations of Minto - An international organisation between nations. Join the discord here
The Spawn Coalition (Now The Zero Point after being legally taken over by Agartha) - An organisation devoted to protecting the spawn area for new players and building a shared shopping district
The Builders Guild - A guild allowing builders to travel across national boundaries to help with projects Join the discord here


Cities that are not part of any nation. Usually solo players with just an anchor placed.

Treaty Mountain

Disbanded or destroyed city states:

Orion's Supercluster
Atlantis Bois
Land of Shrooms
Help, my dog died
little cove
Stormwind Empire
Swordsmiths Village
Knights Anchor
Time Keepers
Whomping Willow Tree
Tiki Land
Overgrown Island
Nowhere Island