Server functions

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This is a page for new players to learn about server functions in a simplified manner. Rules will be explained in Rules



-The world is a circle with a 32,000 block radius in the overworld, a 4,000 block radius in the nether, and a 16,000 block radius in the End.

-Terrain gradually transitions to amplified the further you go out.

First time logging in[edit]

-When you log in for the first time you will be put into an intro of the world. After this brief intro, you will spawn at 0, ~, 0


-Covert is a tag that gets placed on valuable items (e.g Netherite Gear). All covert items are tracked in a log that can be accessed on the Discord Server. Covert items cannot be placed in e-chests or shulkers.

-Covert items drop when you log out, meaning you must place the covert items in a storage container or in a safe logout spot. This also prevents combat logging.

-Covert items cannot be destroyed by any means.

-Find out more at Covert


-You can sleep in multiple beds to have multiple respawn points, these beds can be named so that you know which one you want to respawn in.

-Beds can be transferred to other players.


Anchors (Respawn Anchors)[edit]

-Anchors can be placed to mark the center of a claim or your base, it gives blocks health, which means it must be broken multiple times over to properly break.

-Anchors require upkeep to work, each form of upkeep

Nodes (Lodestone)[edit]

-Nodes are used to extend and strengthen the block protection, place them down at a certain distance from the anchor for max effectiveness.

-They will increase the amount of upkeep required per day.

-You can change the upkeep item of a node by clicking it.

Trusted anchors[edit]

-You can add a trusted anchor to your trusted anchor list, which can be accessed through the anchor menu. When you are part of a trusted anchor you can access certain items set to trusted, and the S factor will be shared.

X and S factors[edit]

-The X factor determines the chance of a critical hit when attacking a block in a protected area, dealing extra damage. The X factor is determined by the player amount during that time period.
-The S factor determines the damage reduction you get depending on how close you are to an anchor you have access to.



-Zenchantments are unique enchants that can be used in farms, pvp or mining etc. Most zenchants can only be applied to netherite items, but some basic enchants can be applied on diamond and even iron tools. More info can be found on Plugins & Commands


-Totems will not save you from death. Instead when you kill a player while holding a totem in your offhand, you bind them to the totem, causing the binded player to have poor effects applied to them.

-The totem will only affect a player if the totem is upkept, and in a claim that the bound player does not have access to.

-Totems require upkeep.

Attack speed[edit]

-Attack speed on swords and axes has been increased, in order to replicate 1.8.9

Netherite rolling[edit]

-When you create netherite armour or tools, there will be randomly rolled attributes, such as random speed boost on boots and random attack damage on swords.

-More can be found in Netherite Rolling


-Ender pearls have a 12 second cooldown.

-Enchanted golden apples have a 5 minute cooldown.

End Crystals[edit]

-End crystals cannot be placed down while in combat, but can be blown up if there are already some placed down.

Combat tag[edit]

-Combat tag is applied to a player when they get hit by another player. Combat tag prevents teleportation or rocket boosting.



-Villagers go out of stock every 3 trades, restocking every hour.

-They also can no longer change profession by any means.

Signing and sealing[edit]

-You can sign and seal an item or a stack of items by shift right-clicking. Sealing an item means it cannot be modified by any means, ever. This can assure players that wherever their signed gear is, it'll always remain the same.