Unspoken Rules

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Feel free to add any information that's relevant to unspoken rules
NOTE: if you cannot find the information you want listed here please go the the #support channel in the Discord Server


Using alt-accounts[edit]

Using an alt-accounts is allowed on minto.xyz but certain aspects aren't. Using an alt-account to gain free reward boxes is bannable, it will usually result in a roll back of any items you gained. Pretending to be a complete different player/person and infiltrating or betraying a group is punishable. Storing items inside your alts ender chests may result in it being wiped. Finally, Alts will not be banned for AFK farming.

Abusing Glitches[edit]

Abusing glitches without informing an admin will usually result in a permanent ban or wipe of inventory, enderchest and base. This may vary depending on the severity of the glitch.

Mod Related[edit]

Accepted Mods[edit]

It's hard to find out which mods are and aren't accepted on minto.xyz, so heres a quick list.
Autoclicking/Autofishing is allowed on minto.xyz along with most informational mods (e.g Appleskin, Death Finder, Equipment Compare).
Mods for content creation like ReplayMod are allowed.
PVP mods like health indicators are spoofed by the server, meaning they no longer work as intended.
If you have any questions about what mods aren't allowed on minto.xyz join the Discord Server and ask for help in the #support channel.

Banned Mods[edit]

Mods that are similar or related to a hack client are banned.
Some mods have a grey area around them. Examples include minimaps and PvP clients.